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This area is used for players to store their character´s background stories. This information is to be read by other players from a strict OOC perspective.
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By S1cKz Mar 8, 18
Player discussion sharing character sheets and build ideas.
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In-Character Communication
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Official Announcements and Messages from Cocoon Corporation and their Security Provider AICHI. ((All the info published here is valid as IC knowledge)).
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By Jeanne o Feb 24, 18
News by the Cocooncorp independent News organization , Orbital News Network. ((All the info published here is valid as IC knowledge)).
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By RobynPageONN Wed at 09:22 pm
Advertisement for business opportunities, job offers or commercial advertisement of products and services published by particular individuals or companies established in Cocoon. Cocooncorp declines any responsibility if any illegal/irregular jobs are published here disguised as legal job positions. ((All the info published here is considered to be available IC via Cocooncorp Public Network.))
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By Annwehn Mar 16, 18
((Underground and illegal group "job" advertisement that cannot be posted on the forum explicitly should be posted here. ICly, posts in this forum are ICly valid info for everyone as "rumors". The poster's IC identity should be considered OOC information unless explictly indicated.))
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By [ Z.E.R.O ] o Sat at 11:15 pm
Out-Of-Character Discussion
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General off-topic threads to meet and great other players in Cocoon.
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By Pixel Mar 5, 18
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